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Article about REMPARK in news release of EPDA

You can read the article clicking "Source" link.

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News in DiarioMé

Parkinson: piloto "muy prometedor" en telemedicina

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News in Bolsa Digital (Spanish)

Telefónica participa en REMPARK, proyecto pionero en la monitorización del Parkinson

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News in Telecompaper

Telefonica helps develop device for Parkinson's patients

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News in Tendencias de la Salud (Spanish)

Un sistema portátil para atender a personas con Parkinson en tiempo real

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News in Alimarket (Spanish)

Presentan un dispositivo de telemedicina para enfermos de Parkinson

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News in (Spanish)

Crean un 'holter' para la enfermedad de Parkinson

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5 Benefits of REMPARK

Do you know the benefits which REMPARK provides? This device which determines and lists the diverse symptoms that are associated with the movement disorder which the disease Parkinson entails and...

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Gurutz Linazasoro will attend REMPARK's Final Project Workshop

On 21st April, we will be able to listen to the prestigious neurologist Dr. Gurutz Linazasoro who will be talking about the “future of Parkinson’s self-management” in Madrid.


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Sara Riggare, in REMPARK's Final Project Workshop

Sara Riggare is going to be in our Final Project Workshop next 21th of April in Madrid, and we are so proud of having her experience.

Sara is an engineer by training. She is a...

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28 EU supported films in the spotlight at San Sebastian Film Festival

The San Sebastian Film Festival's 2017 selection includes 28 films supported by the EU Creative Europe MEDIA programme.

Telecommunications data files, Digital Scoreboard 2017

Indicators on fixed and mobile telephony, broadcasting and bundle, together with financial indicators on telecom data, are available in this files.

High Performance Computing

HPC refers to computing systems having extremely high computational capabilities. Today these systems are able to perform more than 1015 operations per second (petascale) and are expected in a few years to reach 1018 operations per second (exascale), a computing power level comparable to aggregating all computing capabilities of the cell phones of the entire population in the European Union.

Innovation Radar Prize 2017

The European Commission has just launched the Innovation Radar Prize 2017. Vote now for your favourite innovator!

European Film Forum goes to MIPCOM 2017

The MEDIA programme is well known for supporting quality TV content, from 'The Bridge' to the 'Last Panthers'. The next European Film Forum will take place during the global TV market at MIPCOM (Cannes) on 18 October 2017 and will take a forward look into how the MEDIA programme could best support beyond 2020 the TV sector in a changing landscape.