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Type FP7 ICT

Closed-loop system for personalized and at-home rehabilitation of people with Parkinson's Disease

CuPiD promotes patients’ independence by providing home-based training. For this to be effective, CuPiD will monitor and record remotely a patient’s activity in training and clinicians will be...

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Type FP7 248765


The aim of Help4Mood is to develop a system that will help people with major depression recover in their own home. The Help4Mood system is designed to be used together with other forms of therapy,...

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Type AAL-2008-1-022


The HELP project (Home-based Empowered living for Parkinson's Disease Patients) aims at developing a comprehensive system able to administer drug therapy in either continuous or on-demand basis in...

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Type AAL-2008-1-32


eCAALYX-Enhanced Complete Ambient Assisted Living Experiment is a three-year project funded by the European Commission under the AAL Joint Programme (Strategic Objectives addressed: ICT-based...

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Type ICT-PSP-2009-3-250577

CAALYX Market Validation

Complete ambient assisted living experiment and market validation (CAALYX-MV) objective is to widely validate an innovative and efficient ICT-based solution focused on improving the elder’s...

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