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REMPARK Project Workshop

We are pleased to inform you that REMPARK's Final Project Workshop will take place on 21st of April 2015 at Telefónica's Flagship Store (28 Gran Via Street, 28013 Madrid). The REMPARK Project is organising this event to share the exciting results we have achieved following three years of work. Our research has been focused on improving self-management of Parkinson's disease through accurate and non-invasive monitoring of Parkinson's motor symptoms. Both the technical and medical results will be presented during the workshop as well as the work carried out throughout the project including practical demonstrations. We are delighted to welcome two exceptional speakers at the event, Dr. Gurutz Linazasoro and Ms. Sara Riggare. They will discuss their views on the role of technology for self-management of Parkinson's, as well as sharing their vision on imminent future breakthroughs as a result of including ICT technology in disease management.

This workshop has the support of the European Parkinson's Disease Association and the European Commission. We look forward to hosting this exciting day and making this workshop of your interest.

About the project

The specific and ultimate goal of the REMPARK project is to develop a Personal Health System (PHS) with closed loop detection, response and treatment capabilities for management of Parkinson's Disease (PD) patients at two levels:

  • At the first level, the project will develop a wearable monitoring system able to identify in real time the motor status of the PD patients, and evaluating ON/OFF/Dyskinesia status in operation during ambulatory conditions and will also develop a gait guidance system able to help the patient in real time during their daily activities.
  • At a second level, the intelligent analysis of data provided by the first level, supported with a disease management system will allow the neurologist in charge to access accurate and reliable information to decide about the treatment that best suits the patient, improving the management of their disease, in particular to adjust so called therapeutic window.

REMPARK system will be tested in 60 real patients from four medical centres. The consortium is formed by medical and technical renowned specialists, and PD patients are represented through the participation of the European Parkinson's Disease Association.

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